MO:DNA – 4 simple steps


The MO:DNA assessment tool is pre-defined & pre-tested and executed in 4 simple steps.


image leftStep 1: Prepare Survey
Together with you we prepare the online survey by which we gain insight into the Marketing Operations DNA. We personalize the invitation, upload the participant list and set up the survey for business units and regions you wish to target.

The MO:DNA team coordinates the survey, sends out invitations, monitors progress and sends reminders, within your preferred timeframe.


image leftStep 2: Take Survey
The online survey contains a set of pre-defined questions in an easy to read format. Based on the answers, the participant will be guided through the questions and only see the ones that apply to their business role, and location.


The survey takes about 20 to 40 minutes. We recommend a minimum of 25 participants. There is no maximum number of participants.


image leftStep 3: Process Results
After the survey closes all answers will be gathered and our team processes the results. We will generate 24 graphs, scorecards and overviews showing the insights on the marketing operations of your organisation. Per graph we deliver a conclusion, tailored to your situation.
For each of the 5 ‘insights’ we deliver an overall conclusion and a recommendation. We will also provide you with an executive summary of the entire assessment.


image leftStep 4: Receive Insights

Two weeks after the survey closes you receive five hardcopies of your customized 88-page MO:DNA report. It contains your company specific scores, insights and conclusions. The atractive booklet will provide you with the information that helps you to be come excellent in your marketing execution.
A low res-pdf of the report will also be made available. If you require more MO:DNA reports, you can also order additional copies.