MO:DNA – Optimize your Marketing Operations

MO:DNA assessment tool gives you 5 insights that will enable you to get more out of your marketing budget and resources.


image left 1. Transparency: Which resources do you use?
Transparency in Marketing Operations means clarity on the allocation and use of marketing resources. It is mandatory if you want to re-use assets, avoid waste and become more collaborative, more accountable and more scalable. The mapping of marketing resources shows which materials are produced (Materials), which teams and suppliers are involved (Manpower) and which technology is used (Machines) in which main processes.


image left 2. Maturity: How mature is your resource allocation?

Rating the current maturity of marketing resources in 10 main processes is essential to estimate your growth potential. Achieving Operational Excellence in marketing is a matter of climbing the maturity ladder, becoming more efficient and effective step by step and level by level. A heat map displays the maturity of resources across 10 Marketing Operations processes, ranging from content management to budget management, from campaign planning to reporting.


image left3. Priority: Which value drivers do you rank highest?

Different marketing functions can have different priorities. If not coordinated there is a danger to create a counterproductive silo-driven mentality. A more organization-wide collaborative approach will yield better results. By ranking Operational Marketing Excellence priorities you can streamline operational objectives. Making conscious and holistic decisions on Operational Excellence objectives and selecting priorities helps all parties to work together and create sustainable value.


image left4. Improvement: Which value driver has the biggest improvement potential?

Some improvements have more potential than others. By ranking the improvement potential you will be able to discover where the opportunities lie in your organization. A selection of “like & dislike” quotes, related to your marketing operations, adds the human touch to the numbers game. If we compare the priority list with the improvement potential we can identify the starting point for your improvement program.


image left5. Alignment: Where do priorities and improvement potential align?

Understanding where you internally agree or disagree is vital to successfully initiate improvements in Marketing Operations. The assessment investigates the alignment of your priorities and improvement potential in relation to roles, product lines and markets. Insight in alignment allows the project team to channel the efforts and available resources towards common, clear and agreed Operational Excellence goals.