MO:DNA – A must-have in every marketing IT project

There are many reasons to start a MO:DNA assessment. Here is the top 5.


image left1. Optimize your Marketing Operations

See where you can reduce costs, increase speed-to-market or improve the relevance of marketing materials. Check the improvement potential of the marketing resources in your organization. By improving your Marketing Operations you will become more scalable, more flexible and more competitive.


image left2. Prepare for Marketing Automation

Gain clarity on the business activities necessary for a smooth start. Pave the road for a successful marketing technology implementation. Choose the right solution or module with the right goals in mind and prepare your marketing organization for the changes ahead. This will increase the success rate and adoption of your IT project.


image left3. Benchmark your Marketing Processes

Compare the scores of your resources, business units and markets. Identify your own best practices, scale up and roll out across divisions and markets. Knowing the maturity of resources in your processes is essential in order to estimate your Operational Marketing growth potential.


image left4. Visualize your Operational Bottlenecks

Find where improvement potential is high and where attention is required. Focus on the deviating scores and know where to start. Marketing efficiency is all about driving better results through smarter allocation and use of marketing resources while lowering the investment.


image left5. Align your Operational Priorities

Identify differences in opinions and priorities. Agree on the next steps to align your improvement activities across your entire organization and avoid counterproductive point solutions. Understanding where you are not aligned is vital for successfully initiating improvements in Marketing Operations.